Police: Suspect In Triple Shooting Dead

Police have confirmed that Michael Arangio, suspect in a shooting that left three teens dead, has shot and killed himself after barricading himself for several hours in an apartment on the 4600 block of Whistler Point, just north of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

The standoff began just before noon after Arangio was spotted at his apartment at The Resort at University Park. Police initially told 11 News that the suspect's parents tipped officers off--this has not been confirmed, but police do say that they were in contact with the parents throughout the standoff, as was the suspect.

SWAT teams with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, Colorado Springs police, CSPD tactical units and the Major Crime Unit are all on scene, and surrounded the apartment.

Arangio told a negotiator called to the scene that he would not leave the apartment. Police tell 11 News that there are unconfirmed reports that Arangio, 24, stuck his head out a window and gestured his hand like a gun to authorities during the standoff.

Authorities then threw tear gas into the apartment in an attempt to force him to evacuate. Arangio continued refusing to exit his apartment, and would not comply with negotiators for a safe surrender, and eventually ceased communication with authorities.

After a four-hour standoff, a robot was deployed into the apartment, where Arangio's body was discovered. He was the only one inside. Police believe he shot himself.

During the ordeal, those living closest to the apartment Arangio was in were asked to evacuate, while others in the complex were told to stay inside and lock their doors. Residents who had been away from their home at the time the standoff began were not allowed to return until the standoff ended.

Arangio is the primary suspect in a deadly shooting Wednesday night, which left teens Austin Howse, Wayne Fix and Aaron Fix dead.

11 News spoke with a relative of Wayne and Aaron, who told us he felt conflicted about how the standoff ended.

"It's numbing...I don't know how I wanted this to end...I don't know how I feel about it," the relative told 11 News.

"At least he can't hurt anyone else...it's a little bit of closure."