Gunman's Family Speaks To Eleven News

The hostage-taker is carried out of the building after being shot during an "armed confrontation" with police.

Family and friends are speaking out about Dominic Oliver, the man who was killed after police say he took hostages at Urological Associates offices, located at 75 Printers Parkway.

Dominic’s sister, Tabitha, spoke with 11 News Wednesday morning by phone. She says their entire family is mourning the loss of Dominic, who they know as a good person who was willing to drop everything for family and friends.

She tells us he has dealt with anger issues in the past and that’s why he was seeing a therapist. “He’d been working to better himself and control his anger. He was doing the right thing and seeking help.”

Tabitha would not speak to reports from the boyfriend of one of the hostages that the whole situation started over a facebook exchange involving the price of puppies that Dominic Oliver was selling.
“You never know where somebody is at in his life and what may send them over the edge,” she said. “I know he never meant to hurt anyone.”

She also says Dominic’s therapist was on scene yesterday as the hostage situation unfolded and wasn’t allowed on the phone to try to calm him down. Her father was allowed to speak to Dominic and is credited with getting him to release the hostages.

Tabitha believes her brother would still be alive today, if he could have talked with their father a little longer. But she says police cut the line. So the family now has many questions about why police took that course of action, when they believe the father could have helped end things peacefully.

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Colorado Springs Police say a hostage-taker was shot by police shortly before 3:00 p.m. inside a Colorado Springs medical office.

At the center of the activity was the Urological Associates offices, located at 75 Printers Parkway. Witnesses say the gunman, identified by a hostage and by his father as Dominic Oliver, walked in around 11:50 a.m. and demanded to see a specific person. Others were forced out of the offices.

According to CSPD spokeswoman Barbara Miller, two hostages were held at gunpoint. The women were eventually released. Three other so-called "hidden hostages" remained inside the building.

According to a man who is the son of one hostage and boyfriend of another, his girlfriend was targeted over an online exchange. She had initially contacted Oliver online about puppies he was advertising for sale. When the young woman complained about his asking price, Oliver started threatening her and harassing her online.

"He freaked out over her saying the price was too much," the boyfriend said. "Then he started sending her all these threatening emails, saying he'd kill her, and that he'd killed people before. And that he wasn't afraid to kill her."

The woman went to police to file a report a few hours before he showed up at her workplace asking for her by name.

"He held the gun to my girlfriend and my mom's head multiple times," the boyfriend said.

Miller explained that the gunman was shot by police during an "armed conflict."

Oliver's father told KKTV 11 that he's upset that police refused to let him try to talk to his son during the standoff. He believes his son's death would have been averted had he been able to talk to him again. He says he had already persuaded his son to release the hostages over the phone.

Miller says the officer who shot the suspect will not be identified. He was placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. That is standard for any officer-involved shooting.

IntelliTec College, Tesla EOC, KidsKare Child Development Center and other nearby buildings were put on lockdown during the situation.

The roads were also blocked by officers.

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