Police: Woman Intentionally Hit 7 Vehicles

The fence where Cooper's alleged escapades ended.

A woman is facing charges after police say she purposely hit several parked vehicles and tried to run over two pedestrians.

Pauline Cooper, 63, was arrested after crashing on the 900 block of East Cimarron, near Memorial Park in Colorado Springs.

Witnesses reportedly kept Cooper from fleeing the scene or doing any more damage until police arrived. A couple of men at the scene told 11 News they still can't believe what they saw.

"Me and this guy from up the street are trying to get her out of the car...then he fell and she almost ran him over," Charles Milom recalled. "She almost ran him over while he was laying on the ground.

"She moved the whole van about 5 feet into my sister's other car. She's driving a nice little Lexus."

Mark Aguirre told 11 News he was stunned to see the person behind the wheel of that Lexus.

"It was a little old lady."

"She was definitely trying to hit somebody, she wanted to hit cars," Milom said.

"[She] crashed into that blue Jeep...from there she headed this way and came down, hit another here," Aguirre described.

In all, she is accused of intentionally hitting seven parked vehicles and trying to hit two pedestrians. Police said Cooper may have been trying to hit a third pedestrian when she ran into a fence.

None of the pedestrians were seriously injured, according to police.

Damages from the incident are estimated to be around $7,500.

At first officers thought Cooper may have been drinking, but she passed a sobriety test.

Cooper was taken to the hospital. Police said she is being treated for injuries that are not a result of the crash.

The incident happened just before 12:30 p.m. Thursday.