Police: Woman Attacked While Getting Mail

A woman was trying to get her mail was attacked. It happened at the University Village town in the area of University Village View and Pepperdine Pt. That’s near N. Academy Blvd. and Vickers Dr.

Police need your help tracking down the suspect.

The woman says it happened around 8 o’clock on Saturday night. She was trying to get her mail at the community mailbox spot.

Police say the man came up from behind, held a knife to her side, covered her mouth, and forced her to move to a field near the complex.

He then sexually assaulted her until a car driving by scared him off.

The victim says she had no idea who he was and believes he left on foot.

The suspect is described as a white man, medium build, in his late 20’s to early 30’s, about 6’2” to 6’3”. The victim says he had short dark hair and a two to three day old beard.

11 News talked with neighbors who live at the complex. They tell us they can’t believe it.

Many tell us they do exactly what that woman did that night; go to the community mailbox spot alone.

Some of them say they won’t anymore.

“"I'm terrified. I think it's terrible we have to live so paranoid anymore,” said mother Pamela Polke.

We’re told that is the only community mailbox for the neighborhood and that many do go there alone at night. Most say that’s gonna change now.

"I'm just gonna come during the day and not worry about getting my mail after dark and just make sure I pay attention to what's around me,” said Kelly Miller, who lives just across the street from the mailbox. “I'll keep an eye out and see it I see anything that's suspicious and make sure we get this guy caught."

It’s a reminder to them that anything can happen, anywhere. They hope neighbors will keep a watchful eye.

"I think it's definitely a time to step up and look out for one another because this is something that's unacceptable,” said Joseph Landry

Neighbors say the complex attracts a lot of young people, so its important that all of us be extra alert and careful until police catch the suspect.

We asked police why it took so long to get the man’s description out to the public. They tell us that while the assault happened on Saturday night, it was not reported to them until Monday morning.

If you know anything about this sex assault, you don’t have to give your name to police. Call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP (7867)