Police: Two-City Crime Spree Ends After Traffic Stop

A chance traffic stop halted a two-city crime spree Saturday night.

Officers patrolling downtown Colorado Springs around 9 p.m. spotted a Nissan Maxima committing a minor traffic infraction. After running a quick license plate check, the officers realized the plate was from a Ford Escort that had been reported stolen in Pueblo. Upon discovering this, police pulled the vehicle over--and realized that the Maxima had been reported stolen from Pueblo as well.

Based on their investigation, police believe that the suspects have been involved with a number of car break-ins and identity theft crimes in Pueblo, and had moved onto Colorado Springs to target Halloween parties. Police say there was evidence that the suspects had already broken into one car in the Woodmen and I-25 area, and believe they were next planning to break into vehicles parked in the downtown area. There were also a number of items found in the car, including ID cards, that linked the suspects to several vehicle break-ins in Pueblo.

The Colorado Springs Police Department will now be working in conjunction with the Pueblo Police Department to locate all of the victims.

Suspects Reyes Martinez and Kristi Martinez, both 38, were arrested. Reyes Martinez faces felony charges of theft by receiving, possession of burglary tools, first-degree criminal trespass and criminal possession of a financial transaction device. Kristi Martinez was arrested on an unrelated warrant. The investigation is ongoing.