Police: Suspects Caught On Camera

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Two men were arrested after they were reportedly caught in the act breaking into a local ice cream shop.

The Monument Police Department said Kyle Edward Cole, 23, and Jeffrey Connelly, 19, are the two suspects.

In surveillance video a man is visibly cleaning out the cash registers at the Cold Stone Creamery. A Monument police officer was patrolling the shopping center on Jackson Creek Parkway when he saw what he thought was a suspicious vehicle parked in front of the shop.

The burglary happened just before 12:40 a.m. Tuesday. On the surveillance video, a man is seen breaking through a glass door, jumping over the counter, and cleaning out the cash registers. Police said that man was Connelly.

"The arresting officer told me that what had happened is he was right around here when the alarm went off," Cold Stone Creamery owner Steven Rago said.

Rago told 11 News the crook was only inside the store for about a minute while a second man was waiting in a getaway car. Monument police said the officer saw the suspect running out of the store, and arrested him and the driver.

"They caught them coming right out the door with the money in their hands and they had gas masks on, old style gas masks, so they knew we had cameras," Rago said.

Police said only Connelly was wearing a gas mask, but they did find a second one in the car with Cole. Both men are being charged with burglary, theft and criminal mischief.