Police: Suspect Shoots At Officer While Handcuffed In Squad Car

Credit: KCNC

A drug suspect inside a squad car shot at an officer, the Denver Police Department said Wednesday.

According to DPD, suspect Issac Vigil was sitting in the parking lot of a Denver substation Wednesday afternoon when he somehow managed to fire a gun at an officer. He missed the officer, and was then shot himself when a second officer fired at him. Vigil is now in critical condition.

Vigil, 32, had been taken into custody on a nationwide felony warrant at a Denver McDonald's earlier that day. Witnesses told sister station KCNC that police had use a taser to get him under control.

When the shooting happened, he was still in handcuffs in the back of the squad car. Police are now trying to figure out how he managed to get the weapon, and if the weapon belonged to him or an officer.

Vigil was the only person injured at the substation.