Police: Suspect Can't Find Keys For Would-Be Get-Away Car

A man's attempt at getting away from police officers was foiled after he discovered the vehicle he climbed into didn't have any keys, according to Springs police.

Police say two officers first tried to stop the suspect for making an illegal u-turn in the area of Fountain and Shasta late Tuesday morning. Instead of pulling over, the officers reported that he made a second u-turn, drove through a field and then ran a stop sign at an intersection to get away from police.

At this point, police say the officers turned their lights and sirens on, prompting the suspect to drive over a raised median, then abandon his minivan.

The suspect then allegedly ran to a nearby gas station and climbed into a car that had been left at a gas pump. Police say he couldn't get any further because there were no keys left in the car.

With that get-away attempt thwarted, police say the suspect fled to an area business, where he was greeted by the two officers. The suspect was taken into custody.

Police have identified the driver as 32-year-old Eric Rotureau. He has been charged with several traffic violations, motor vehicle theft and attempted motor vehicle theft. Police believe he may have been on drugs at the time of the incident.