Police Step In Following Colorado Springs Phone Scam

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Colorado Springs police are looking to a phone scam targeting Southern Colorado.

Debra Coolidge was very close to becoming a victim to the phone scam. After receiving calls for two days, she reported the incidents to police on Friday.

11 News reporter Mecca Rayne first spoke to Coolidge Thursday after she received the first call. Since Rayne's interview, Coolidge said the phone won't stop ringing.

"They called at 9:04 this morning. They called at 9:35 this morning from another number, and yesterday they called three times," Coolidge told 11 News Friday.

Coolidge says the scammers asked her for up to $1,000 from what they say are unpaid phone bills. They then claim a sheriff is going to show up at her front door and and pick her up if she doesn't give them the money she supposedly owes.

Thankfully, Coolidge did not give out any of her credit card information.

"I would've had a heart attack if I gave them my credit card number. Because then they could've took my money at will," said Coolidge.

Coolidge also found information about the scammers online after researching the number that called her.

Police documented the calls as theft attempts. They warn that if you receive a suspicious call yourself, you should hang up immediately and not give out any personal information.

If you have a scam to report, call 11 Call For Action at (719) 457-8211.