Police Searching For Missing Man

Police are still looking for a missing at-risk adult, who was last seen more than 12 hours ago.

David Nibert, 23, was last seen between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Friday at his home on the 3100 block of Wellshire Boulevard, which is near Airport and Chelton in Colorado Springs. Police say it's not unusual for him to disappear for a few hours, but he's not typically gone this long.

Nibert is described as a thin white male, about 5-foot-8 in height. He has sandy blond hair, shaved eyebrows and a piercing in his left ear. He wears glasses, and the right lens is reportedly missing. A photo has not been provided at this time.

If anyone has any information on Nibert's whereabouts, you are asked to call police at 444-7000. At this time, police do not believe there are suspicious circumstances involved with his disappearance, but do want to know that he is safe.