Search For Wanted Deputy

Deputies say residents who live near the El Paso/Elbert County Line should lock their doors. They are searching for a wanted man near County Road 17 and County Line in Elbert County.

Investigators found a car that belongs to Randal Alire. When they ran the license plate, they saw the car belonged to the man who had a warrant out for his arrest.

According to court records, Alire is wanted for not showing up to court. He's accused of sex assault and kidnapping. Pueblo County Sheriff's Office says he's a deputy with their agency.

Elbert County Sheriff's Office says the suspect is on foot. He's been in touch with deputies on the phone. They tell us when they try to ping the phone to find his location, the phone is turned off.

The suspect has reportedly made suicidal comments to Elbert deputies. That's why they are asking residents in that neighborhood to lock their doors.