Sexual Predator Arrested For Assault On Child

Credit: Denver Police Dept.

A sexual predator captured in Boulder is facing charges for a crime in southern Colorado. Eugene Felix Martinez, 48, is suspected of a home invasion burglary and sexual assault of a 6-year-old child in a Pueblo east side neighborhood.

The following is the statement released by the Pueblo Police Department on Thursday:

During April of this year, the Pueblo Police Department began an investigation into a home invasion burglary and the sexual assault of a six year old child that occurred in a Pueblo east side neighborhood. Over the next few months, detectives conducted an investigation into the incident and had several persons tested for a possible DNA match to evidence at the scene. None of these DNA profiles proved to be a match.

Recently, detectives were able to get a DNA match to 48 year old Eugene Felix Martinez. After further testing, detectives developed enough probable cause to obtain an arrest warrant for Martinez. Martinez was taken into custody in Boulder on the warrant which is a $100,000 cash only bond. He also faces charges in northern jurisdictions for similar offenses.

Martinez is a registered sex offender with a rather lengthy criminal history. Martinez spent much of the last 3 years in and out of custody in various jurisdictions in Colorado. The Special Victims Section of the Pueblo Police Department is currently looking into open cases for the time period in which incidents occurred and Martinez was not in custody. Currently, Martinez is not a person of interest in any of these open cases, but the investigations continue.