Police Say Spring Break Could Be Reason Behind Vandalism

Canon City police say Spring Break is likely the reason for several cases of vandalism.

Tuesday night, five vans and SUVs were hit with spray paint on Phay Avenue and on 7th Street. Another car's window was smashed on Yale, and Thursday night the same thing happened to a church's glass sign off North 7th Street.

Officers say they normally see an increase in vandalism during Spring Break because kids are out of school and bored. They say there's a few thing parents can do to prevent their children from behaving this way.

"Just be real diligent about keeping track of your kids, that's the big thing. Keep them busy, expect them to get up in morning. Don't let them to sleep until noon. Some of these things will help solve some of these issues for us," says Sgt. Shannon Byerly with the Canon City Police Department.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 275-STOP.