Police: Robbery Suspect Identified, Connected To Other Crimes

Police say they've identified a robbery suspect who targeted several businesses Monday. He's now also being connected to other crimes, according to detectives.

A barber shop was robbed on the 800 block of N. Institute. Police say the crook was seen leaving in a red Acura 2-door, which was driven by an accomplice.

Just minutes later, a Dunkin Donuts was hit in the Rockrimmon neighborhood.

About an hour later, Elmer's Market was robbed. In all the robberies, police say the suspect description was the same.

Police say 30 minutes later, the suspect's getaway car was spotted in the downtown area. The vehicle was stopped and the driver, Clinton Coppock, was detained. In the car, police say they could plainly see evidence from the last holdup.

Police say during their investigation, they connected the suspect to two other robberies. One happened yesterday at the Chief Motel on South Nevada. The other one was on E. Platte, not far from Memorial Park. A woman was robbed while she was counting money in her car after she delivered food.

A mug shot of the suspect was not available.