Teenage Suspect Charged With Murder

Credit: CSPD

The suspect in a family disturbance that resulted in one man's death, is now being charged with first degree murder.

The suspect, Avery James Jackson, is 17-years-old. The DA's office has filed the murder charges against him in adult criminal court, despite his age.

Jackson turned himself in later that same day.

Police say the 34-year-old victim has been identified as Norzell Badger Jr. Police say the victim and the suspect are family members. Badger later died at the hospital. The exact relationship between Jackson and the victim has not been released, but the suspect's mother says the victim is her husband.

Officers received the call just before 2 a.m. Monday. The 100 block of North Chelton, where the incident happened, was blocked off for five hours.

Detectives were back at the house Tuesday. The mother told us several of Badger's friends went to the house Monday night, did a lot of damage inside and even stole some things. She told us she's scared and she's moving out with her other kids.

She also told us that her son and Badger had a strained relationship for years, that there were often fights in the house over little things like cleaning up.

The county coroner has ruled the death a homicide, making it the 26th homicide in Colorado Springs this year. That's four more than there were in all of 2012.

2011 has the dubious distinction of having the most homicides ever in one year in Colorado Springs. There were 32 homicides that year.