Police Recover Stolen Cars In Springs Neighborhood

Police discovered two stolen cars, parked right in front of a man's home.

Only 11 News was there as police recovered those vehicles at the suspect's house.

It happened on the southeast side of Colorado Springs near Hancock and Powers.

A police officer was patrolling in the neighborhood and noticed a red car parked outside a house, blocking the driveway.

He ran the license plate numbers, and found out it was stolen.

Another car parked in the driveway was also stolen.

After searching the house, police found a lot of other stolen items, including several driver's licenses.

Police believe there could be more than half a dozen victims in this case.

Police arrested Exavier Armijo inside the house. He is facing two charges of car theft, along with other charges.

Officers believe he was living with his mother-in-law.

Police want to remind everyone to write down vin numbers on big ticket items in your house. They also suggest writing your name on DVDs and video game equipment. That way if it's ever stolen and recovered, it will easier to get your things back.