Police Officer Charged with Tampering With Evidence, DUI

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Colorado Springs police officer David Rosenoff, who also goes by "Troy," was arrested for driving while under the influence.

According to CSPD, he was charged with tampering with evidence after he was ticketed with DUI.

Officer Rosenoff was reportedly involved in a crash early Sunday morning near I-25 and Woodmen Road in Colorado Springs. Rosenoff was off-duty and driving his personal car.

CSPD says the police officer on scene suspected Rosenoff of drinking. They went to the hospital to draw blood to test for alcohol. Rosenoff was ticketed with DUI and taken home. But investigators say when the arresting officer got back to his police cruiser, he noticed the blood sample was missing. Now Rosenoff is charged with tampering with evidence.

We’re told in DUI cases in general, when the hospital staff takes the driver's blood, they seal the blood sample and give it to the arresting officer. It's then sent away to a lab to be tested. Right now, because Rosenoff's blood sample is missing, sources tell us there is no record of what his blood alcohol level was.

The more serious crime he's facing now is tampering with evidence. If he's convicted of this felony, he would not be allowed to carry a gun.

Rosenoff has been with CSPD for almost 24 years. He was the recipient of the Distinguished Service award. That's given to an officer who displays courage in a dangerous situation. Rosenoff is on leave right now during the investigation.