Police Officer, Canine Sustain Minor Injuries In Scuffle With Suspect

A police officer and a police canine are both OK after getting involved in a scuffle with a burglary suspect.

Police tell 11 News the burglary escalated "real fast" after the suspect tried to grab an officer's gun.

The incident happened early Friday morning at the Laserquest on North Academy in Colorado Springs. A burglary alarm went off around 2:45 a.m.; when officers got on scene, they could hear "drilling and grinding noises" inside. The front door was shattered.

Officers searched the building and found a man hiding inside. But police say that when they cornered him in a confined area, he began to struggle with officers, trying to fight them off as he resisted being handcuffed. At some point, he allegedly tried to grab an officer's gun.

The situation intensified further after K-9 Max was brought in to subdue the suspect: police tell 11 News that the suspect started beating the dog over and over.

The dog and an officer were both injured, but police say the injuries were minor. Both were checked out by medical personnel, and will be fine.

The suspect was treated for a dog bite before being taken to the Criminal Justice Center. He has been identified as 48-year-old Philip Butler, and he faces charges of burglary, attempting to disarm and peace officer and cruelty to animals.