Little Girl Reunited With Parents After Being Found Near Busy Street

A Colorado Springs man is facing charges after his 4-year-old daughter was found alone near a McDonald's Tuesday morning.

Ryan Kauffman, 29, is facing a misdemeanor child abuse charge stemming from the incident.

Authorities say Kauffman was at home and asleep when the little girl left the house and started walking the sidewalk along a busy street. His wife was at work, so he was the only adult home when his daughter took off.

A woman found Olivia at 8:40 a.m. on Murray Boulevard, standing in her pajamas in the middle of the street. The woman immediately called police.

Olivia told her rescuer, Nicole Guerra, that she was on her way to McDonald's.

Officers searched the area, and when they couldn't find her family they sent her photo out to the media.

Kauffman called police around noon saying he'd just woken from a nap and saw his daughter's picture on the news.

The little girl was reunited with her mother within the hour.

"We have to release her to a responsible parent," a Springs police spokesman told 11 News. "Mom was at work at the time and didn't realize obviously that her girl was missing until Dad called."

Both parents declined to comment to 11 News about the incident.