Police: Wanted Fugitive Caught At Springs Motel

The Capri Motel on East Platte, where police say they caught a man wanted for identity theft.

A fugitive on the run for identity theft was found hunkered down in a motel room in Colorado Springs.

And authorities say he could be responsible for many, many more cases of identity theft and forgery than first thought after reportedly uncovering a plethora of stolen items in his motel room.

According to Springs police, 30-year-old Jeffrey Hermansen had been wanted for identity theft in Jefferson County and forgery in Wyoming before officers caught up with him Thursday at the Capri Motel on East Platte.

Police say Officer Marcus Allen began monitoring the Capri Motel after Hermansen's vehicle was spotted in the parking lot. When Hermansen finally emerged from his room, he unsuccessfully tried to run after seeing Allen.

Hermansen was allegedly carrying five stolen credit cards and a stolen Colorado driver's license when Allen detained him. But that discovery barely scratched the surface of what officers reportedly found in room 307 after obtaining a search warrant. Police say hundreds of pieces of stolen mail and a number of stolen ID cards, as well as two guns, were recovered after searching the room.

Officers are only beginning the process of going through all the stolen items, but say they do believe some of Hermansen's victims are from Colorado Springs.

Hermansen has been taken to the CJC on multiple charges.