Police: Mom Claimed To Have Found Baby In Dumpster

The shocking news that a newborn baby found in a dumpster has turned out to be a false report.

Police say the woman who said she found the baby in the dumpster is actually the infant's mother.

Detectives say that the mother at some point claimed that she found the baby girl, believed to be just six to 12 hours old at the time, inside the dumpster at an apartment complex behind the new Lowe's on North Nevada.

But the story unraveled soon after responding officers arrived at the scene Wednesday and located the 17-year-old mother. It was quickly determined that the baby was never in or near the trash container.

Lauren Miller lives in an apartment near the 17-year-old.

"Real things like this happen all the time," she said. "You just don't expect to happen in front of your house."

Miller told 11 News the teenager handed Miller her baby before paramedics arrived. Miller believed the teen's story that the baby was found near the dumpster.

"I was panicked. I wasn't sure if she was going to be okay if she was breathing," Miller said.

Miller found out it was likely a hoax on Thursday. She told 11 News she's familiar with Colorado's Safe Haven Law that allows parents three days after a child's birth to give the child to a hospital worker or firefighter with no questions asked.

"There's a hospital right down Nevada [Avenue]," she said thinking back to the event that unfolded right in front of her. "Give [them] the baby and don't say anything. Don’t make up a story that you found it in a dumpster."

The baby girl been placed in protective custody with the Department of Human Services.

The teen could be charged with Influencing a Public Official, which is a Felony, or False Reporting, which is a misdemeanor. The Colorado Springs Police Department does say that the mother was not the one who called police.

Police say that the baby was not born at the hospital, but was born at home.