Police: Man Used Brother's Identity To Carry Out Crime

A man is facing multiple charges after police say he tried to get someone to steal items from a home for him--and used his brother's identity while carrying out the alleged crime.

It started Sunday when Pueblo police responded to a burglary in progress on the 3100 block of Denver Blvd. and found a man stealing items from the home. Police said the man told them Timothy Dorzeiler, later identified as William Ward Dorzeiler, gave him a key and asked him to pick the items up him. He reportedly thought he had permission to enter the home to get those items.

Another officer had caught Dorzeiler the previous day for allegedly burglarizing the same home. Dorzeiler was not arrested at that time, but was told not to return to the home unless he was with the homeowner, according to police.

However, Dorzeiler was arrested for second-degree burglary after allegedly sending the man to the home to steal the items, police said.

William Dorzeiler also was charged later with criminal impersonation after police discovered he allegedly gave them his brother's name, Timothy Dorzeiler.