Police: Man Tries To Hide In Fire Station After Crash

Credit: Jason Parry

It was an odd moment for firefighters at Station 18 after a man ran through the building in an attempt to flee an accident scene.

The incident happened around 11:15 a.m. near Allegheny and Centennial on the northwest side of Colorado Springs.

An officer reportedly tried to stop a Subaru going 61 mph in a 35 mph zone. According to police, the driver darted into a residential neighborhood and crashed after turning in front of a tractor-trailer.

Police say the man, who was armed with a knife, ran from the scene to the nearby fire station, where he ran the door, down a hallway and then out the rear door of the building. He then allegedly tried breaking into a home.

Startled witnesses described the chaotic scene to 11 News.

"I heard screeching tires and the 'Bang!' And seconds later I saw a man with a green coat running that way [points] and then hopping over the fence," John McAfee told 11 News.

"It was really crazy...they said a man had stolen a car, he was going 60 mph, was running from police, turned in front of the truck. You can see it was a really horrible accident," Jennifer Ortiz said.

Officers soon caught up with the suspect, who they have identified as John Krulik, and arrested him.

Police say the Subaru had been reported stolen, and Krulik also had some warrants out for his arrest.