Police: Man Rips Out Sink To Break Into Marijuana Dispensary

Police say a man who burglarized a medical marijuana dispensary gained access into the shop by ripping out a sink.

The suspect, identified as 43-year-old Craig Stevens, allegedly broke into the Birria De Chiva restaurant, which shares a wall with the Organic Seed dispensary, tore out a bathroom sink, then crawled into the dispensary through the shared wall.

Police say the suspect stole several plants.

Officers got the call about the in-progress burglary at 2:15 a.m. Friday. After arriving at the scene on the 2300 block of E. Platte in Colorado Springs, police saw a man walking away from the area matching the description they had been provided. Officers caught up with him and took him into custody.

Stevens was arrested on two counts of second-degree burglary, criminal mischief, possession of burglary tools, offenses relating to marijuana and theft. Police say he also had a felony warrant already out for his arrest.