Police: Parent Retaliates By Assaulting Kids After Son Gets In Fight

Springs police are searching for a suspect who may have assaulted a group of boys with pepper spray.

Officers now believe the attack wasn't random, but a retaliation by the parents of a child bullied by one of the kids in the group.

According to police, the four boys, all about 13, were hanging out at a playground at the Enfield Apartments Sunday afternoon when one of them got in an argument with a kid outside their group. Police believe the argument may have escalated, and the 13-year-old may have assaulted the kid. The four boys then left the playground.

The boys had made it to the area of 2nd and Virginia when the father of the bullied child pulled up beside them in a gold-colored vehicle. Police say the female passenger yelled obscenities at the group, then the male driver got out and chastised the boys for assaulting his son. He then sprayed a chemical irritant, possibly pepper spray, at the boys and drove off.

Medical personnel were sent to the area to treat the kids. Police are now looking for the suspects.

The driver has been described as a Hispanic man in his 40s, 5-foot-8 to 6 feet tall with a "very heavy build." He reportedly has a shaved head.

The woman is described as being white or Hispanic, thick build, height unknown. She was dressed in blue or purple scrubs.

The suspect vehicle is believed to be a Toyota or Honda.

If you have any information about this incident, call police at 444-7000 or Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.

Editor's Note: In the early stages of the investigation, police believed the man stole a skateboard from the kids. That is now no longer believed to be the case, and the story has been updated to reflect the new information in the investigation.