Misunderstanding Leads To Child Luring Scare

Two men looking for a lost dog caused a scare in a Fountain neighborhood Thursday afternoon.

According to police, a young girl was on her way home from school when a truck began following her. At one point, the passenger asked the little girl if she had seen his puppy.

The truck followed the girl to her home, where her stepfather was outside working in the yard. The stepfather reported to police later that he saw the passenger open the door, then heard him curse and tell the driver to "Go, go, go!" He told officers the truck sped off.

Officers were initially investigating the incident as an enticement attempt, and sent out a media alert Friday morning.

But police located the truck Friday afternoon, and say the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

"They were legitimately in the area looking for their dog CoCo. We confirmed that the dog had been picked up by the Humane Society earlier in the day," Deputy Chief of Police Bill Elder told 11 News.

Officers are no longer investigating the incident, as they say no one was doing anything wrong.