Police: Man Arrested On DUI Charges After Driving Into Bar

A drunk man allegedly crashed his car into the exterior of a Springs bar, then drove off.

Police say after a short vehicle pursuit, they caught the suspect on a dead end street.

Officers were initially called to Cleat's Bar and Grill on 6624 Delmonico Drive just after 2:30 a.m. Tuesday on reports of a disturbance between a couple of customers. When they got on scene, police were told a man had driven his truck into the building. The suspect hadn't gotten far when officers spotted his vehicle but refused to stop, forcing a brief police chase.

Police say the suspect drove into a dead end street, and officers were able to arrest him. He's been identified as 30-year-old Matthew Green. Green faces charges of DUI, vehicular eluding and felony criminal mischief.

At this time, police are trying to determine whether Green intentionally drove into the building, or if it was just a drunken accident. The building is not believed to have sustained significant structural damage.