Police: Man Accused Of Chasing Children With Chain Also Victim Of Assault

Terrified children were allegedly chased around a school playground by a man with a chain, threatening to strangle them.

But the suspect reportedly told police those kids were not his target.

Shortly after 7 p.m. Tuesday, Springs police say they received a call about children being threatened in the Centennial Elementary schoolyard. The suspect had left the area by the time officers arrived, but was soon located close to the nearby Cricklewood and Pepperwood intersection. Police say they had to threaten the suspect, 18-year-old Joey Perez, with a stun gun before he surrendered.

Once officers began questioning Perez, they learned there was more to the story: Perez told officers he wasn't chasing the children, but chasing after a man who had just assaulted him.

Police say that man, identified as Juan Rodriguez, was still at the Centennial Elementary School playground when officers went back to the scene. When Rodriguez saw police, he allegedly took off running, but officers soon caught him.

Perez and Rodriguez have both been taken into custody. Perez faces charges of felony menacing, and Rodriguez faces charges of third-degree assault of an at-risk adult. Police have not elaborated as to why Perez is considered an "at-risk adult."