Police Make Two Arrests in Homicide Case

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Police have arrested two people in connection to the death of a Pueblo woman whose body was found in a home earlier this week.

Kasai Ciofassa and Donna Tortessi were arrested Tuesday in Denver. The victim's missing 2008 silver Chevy HHR was also found.

Ciofassa is being charged with felony murder in the case. The involvement of Tortessi is still under investigation.

Police say the pair took 42-year-old Elizabeth Johnson-Miranda's vehicle from her home. She was later found dead inside the house when officers responded to a call that smoke was coming from the home.

Both suspects were arrested without incident on unrelated burglary charges before Ciofassa was charged with murder. Ciofassa also has an unrelated motor vehicle theft charge.

11 News obtained the arrest papers of Ciofassa and Tortessi and it said they were a couple. On June 2nd, police say they burglarized a home in a neighborhood where one of their moms lived. Documents say they couple took a safe out of his mother's home.

We've also learned Ciofassa was arrested back in 2009 for attempting to murder his girlfriend at the time. The judge dropped all charges, except one. He was sentenced to 5 years probation. However, that probation was revoked and he was sentenced to jail for 18 months in 2012.