Police Make Arrest in Car Break-In Case

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Just before 1a.m. Wednesday morning Police received several calls about a suspicious car at the Grand Centennial Apartment Complex located at 1430 Meredith Heights.

Police tell 11 News two suspects were breaking into cars in the parking lot.

When officers got on scene they found a blue Honda backed into one of the covered spaces. The car was running and 20 year old Heather Allison was inside. Her male accomplice took off on foot and got away. Police arrested the female on several charges including motor vehicle theft.

Police tell 11 News they are seeing a rash of car break-ins across Colorado Springs.

One fourth of car break-ins happen when the owner did not lock the doors. Police recommend parking in a well-lit area and if you must leave valuables in your car, lock them in the trunk.

The Colorado Springs Police Department recently created a motor vehicle theft task force to help down on crime.