Sexual Assault Suspect Identified

Police say they have positively identified two men seen in the surveillance photos after receiving dozens of tips.

The photos were released Wednesday as part of the ongoing investigation into the sexual assault of a 71-year-old woman.

On the night of February 7, the woman was home alone watching TV when she noticed someone peeking into her bedroom. She grabbed her handgun, but the attack happened too quickly for her to stop it. The suspect allegedly burst into her home, threw her to the ground and knocked the gun out of her hand before she could fire it. After sexually assaulting her, police say the suspect threatened the woman with her own gun and forced her to hand over her wallet.

Police tell 11 News that the suspect may be homeless. For that reason, they thought he might try to spend the money he stole at a business near where the attack happened. That is what led police to the Walmart on Platte and Chelton, where surveillance footage captured a man resembling the suspect, accompanied by a second man. The second man is not considered a suspect.

11 News asked police why they didn't release the surveillance photos sooner. The Colorado Springs Police Department says they were taking other investigative measures at that time, and thought they would be able to track that man down. When their investigation didn't turn up any new leads, police decided to release the photos to the public.

Once they did, police were flooded with calls, and were able to identify the men within 24 hours.

Police have not yet released the man's name, or filed any charges.