Tip Leads To Arrest Of Man Suspected Of Embezzling His Mother's Savings

Credit: CSPD
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Court papers obtained by 11 News, reveal how investigators said one man swindled money from his 93-year-old mom.

Investigators said Lee Fielder, 59, had been stealing from his elderly mom for several years. In fact, they said he stole nearly $25,000 from her in just one month.

The papers also state Fielder had power of attorney which gave him access to his mom’s bank account.

Thanks to a tip from a concerned citizen, Fielder was taken into custody late Tuesday night. Earlier that day, police asked the public for help in locating Fielder, who they said embezzled money from his mother's savings account.

The alleged theft put Fielder’s mom in jeopardy of being evicted from the nursing home where she was living. She was getting money for a reverse mortgage, social security and two pensions.

Fielder is currently out of jail on bond and is facing several charges including a felony for crimes against at risk adults. If convicted, Fielder could be sentenced up to 24 years in prison.