No Danger After Suspicious Package Scare At Office Building

Colorado Springs Police evacuated an area of an office building this afternoon because of a suspicious package.

Police were alerted to the possible danger after receiving a call from PGI at noon today, May 8.

The company reportedly called police because of a package sent to their office at 2424 West Garden of the Gods. The building also houses Verizon Wireless and several other companies.

The questionable package was from a former work-from-home employee who had been fired last week.

When the employee was terminated, the company asked that he send any office supplies and equipment back to their office. One of those packages was suspiciously 'heavy' and wrapped in black electrical tape, CSPD reports.

That package prompted management to call police and have them check it out.

Several businesses in the building were forced to evacuate and employees were moved to another part of the building. The CSPD bomb inspected the package, but found nothing out of the ordinary.

Business was interrupted at the building for almost two hours while the CSPD bomb squad inspected the package.