Police Trying To Link Shooting, Carjacking, and Crashes

Police are still unraveling the turn of events that led to shots fired and two car crashes in Colorado Springs.

Investigators now believe that three separate incidents in the Springs are related, but are still trying to tie the incidents together.

Police received a call about shots fired near South Chelton Road and Afternoon Circle just before 5:30 Thursday evening.

On scene investigators found shell casings, but there was no one in a red SUV that crashed into a tree.

A witness who lives on Mallard Drive told 11 News that they heard several shots fired and then a loud boom.

"I was just about to make dinner," said David Herz. "I heard the four gunshots and they were pretty loud. We looked out the window and there's guys jumping out of the car here and running."

Herz says two people got out of the crashed red SUV and ran away.

Then just a few minutes later, police got another call about a carjacking that happened just one-half block up the road, at 1100 S. Chelton. A silver truck was stolen. Then quickly after, found crashed at Hancock and Circle. The driver of the truck, ran away from the scene.

Police say about 30 minutes later, a shooting victim showed up at Memorial Hospital.

Investigators believe the shooting victim is tied to the gunfire and two crashes, but are still collecting evidence to link him.

Police tell us the shooting victim has serious injuries, but they are non-life threatening. They say right now he is not cooperating with investigators, and won't say how he got his gunshot wounds.

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