Police Investigating Pair Of Stolen Cars

A pair of stolen cars in Colorado Springs could be linked.

Police have detained the driver of one of the stolen cars, but are still looking for the occupant or occupants in the other. Both cars have been recovered.

Officers spotted one of the stolen cars pulling into a mobile home park on Wood Avenue near Fillmore and I-25 just after midnight Tuesday morning. While officers spoke with the occupants, a second car pulled up--also stolen.

Police say the driver took off immediately when he or she saw the officers. Police chased after the car, but lost sight of it just long enough to give the suspect or suspects time to ditch it and flee on foot. The abandoned car was found in the area of Cascade and Buchanan. Police dogs searched the area but were unable to locate anyone.

At this time, police do not know how many people were in the second car, and whether or not any of them are armed. It's also unclear, according to police, whether the two car thefts are related. No suspect description has been made available at this time, other than that the driver was a white or Hispanic male.

The female driver and the male passenger in the first stolen car were both taken into custody. Their names have not been released.