Police: Husband Stabs Wife To Death, Then Dies In Motorcycle Crash

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We're hearing horrific details about how a man killed his wife in front of their children. Police said 35-year-old Roy Whitehead stabbed his 34-year-old wife Adeline to death inside their Pueblo home on the city's east side.

Family and neighbors told 11 News Roy was on the road a lot for work. One neighbor we talked to, Tracy Montoya-Ayala, said, whenever he was home, they fought constantly. She said one of the kids ran to her door on the morning of the murder for help.

"He said, the father had a machete, was stabbing the mother, and the kids came out of the room and he told them it's a video game," Montoya-Ayala said.

Montoya-Ayala put a candle on the doorstep of the Pueblo home as a vigil for Adeline and her kids.

Investigators said at around 1 a.m. Tuesday, Adeline's husband Roy stabbed her to death in front of their children. He then died in a motorcycle crash about five and a half miles away from his house near the Pueblo Airport. Family we talked to believe he intended to kill himself in that crash.

"My cousin stabbed his wife and then he committed suicide. It was shocking, it was crazy," Jeremy McMurrey said.

More than 16 hours after the incident, Montoya-Ayala remained horrified. "What do you do? It’s... It’s awful," she said.

We looked into Roy Whitehead's criminal background and found he had a long list of previous charges- including domestic violence. We're told the three kids are now staying with family.