Hit And Run Suspect Arrested

Police say the suspect in a deadly hit and run accident has turned himself in.

Forty-two-year-old Fidel Garcia is charged with a hit-and-run resulting in death.

The crash happened on the night of June 19 on the 2100 block of Platte in Colorado Springs. Police say the victim is 31-year-old Elizabeth Marshall.

The victim's sister tells 11 News the family is relieved the suspect has come forward and been arrested.

"It doesn't bring her back, but it's good he turned himself in," said Katie Marshall, the victim's sister.

She says it's been a rough few weeks for the family, as they cope with the loss.

"She was just a really good person and I hate that she's not in our lives anymore," said Marshall. "I think about her everyday, everyday, mourn for her everyday, and miss her everyday, so it's hard."

Three days after the crash, police say they located the Chevrolet Sonic involved in the crash.

According to court papers, police used surveillance video from a nearby motel to determine what kind of vehicle struck the victim. They also collected pieces of the car at the crime scene.

Court papers show a local attorney called police and gave them an address where the car was parked in a garage. That led detectives to Garcia. We are working to find out if it was the suspect's attorney.

Garcia will be in court July 17th. You can trust 11 News to let you know any new developments in this case.