Police Investigate Connection Between Car Break-ins

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Police are investigating two car break-ins at a different restaurants on opposite sides of Colorado Springs. Police believe they may be connected.

11 News has obtained the surveillance video from both cases.

One of the break-ins happened over the weekend at Edelweiss, a German restaurant on Ramona Avenue near South Nevada and I-25.

In the surveillance video of the parking lot, you can see a silver truck pull in and park. Three people get out and can be seen walking around the lot. Eventually they get back in the truck and drive to the back of the lot. It appears that one of the men gets out, grabs a bag from somewhere, and then they take off.

During this time frame, a couple who was inside the restaurant eating dinner, had their car was broken into.

"It's frustrating. People go out there and find their cars broken into," said Dieter Schnakenberg.

His family owns the restaurant. He tells 11 News the victims were on vacation at the time.

"They have all of their stuff in their car and they come back and it's gone," said Schnakenberg.

Police are calling the three people persons of interest.

Schnakenberg contacted 11 News after he saw surveillance video of a different car break-in at Amanda's Fonda on North Academy. He believes the truck is the same in both videos.

Police confirm they're looking into a possible connection.

If you recognize the truck, call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.