Police: Increase In Home Break-Ins

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New information from Colorado Springs Police, they said they’ve seen a substantial increase in property crimes in just the last six weeks.

Police told us, right now they don’t know why there’s been such a dramatic increase, but it’s something they're trying to figure out right now. They’re also seeing patterns at all times- during both the day and night.

In a neighborhood near Circle and Pikes Peak, CSPD arrested a juvenile who had broken into a home Monday night.

11 News spoke to the man who was house-sitting at that home, he told us he thinks the crook may have broken in through the doggie-door.

Police told us there are a few things all of us should be doing right now to protect our homes.
-Alert neighbors whom you trust about when you're going to be gone. For instance, what time you go work and when you usually come home.
-Put 360 degree lighting around your house.
-On the first level or basement level of your home, use locks on windows and sliding glass doors.

Police said the increase in property crimes includes cars getting broken into. They're worried it's only going to get worse because the holidays are right around the corner.

If you ever see anything suspicious in your neighborhood, police ask that you call them right away. Their number is (719) 444-7000.