Alleged Police Impersonator Confronts Undercover Detective

Credit: Pueblo County Sheriff's Office

He tried to impersonate a police officer--but chose the wrong victim.

The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office says Roland Herrera, 63, approached a man at a cell phone store in Pueblo West Monday and claimed to be a cop. But when Herrera told the man to hand over his drugs--the man pulled out his badge.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the man Herrera approached was actually an undercover detective.

Herrera had gone up to the detective to demand to know why he was carrying so many phones, and began accusing him of being a drug dealer.

The detective turned the tables on him and asked to see Herrera's credentials. When Herrera didn't, the detective pulled his badge out.

Herrera's day as "law enforcement" ended with a felony charge of impersonating a peace officer and a trip to the Pueblo County Detention Center. The Sheriff's Office says Herrera is actually a parolee from another state with a felony history.

Sheriff Kirk Taylor had this to say about the situation:

"Any law enforcement officer, when requested to, is required to show you credentials. ... To commit the crime of impersonation, a suspect is likely trying to intimidate you or gain compliance from you...if they are successful, it could be dangerous. ... We will always be willing to confirm our position, don't hesitate to ask."