Homeowner Gets Surveillance Picture Of Burglary Suspect

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Police have arrested a man in connection to a burglary on the northeast side of Colorado Springs.

Corban Elmore, 38, is charged with burglary and theft. Court records indicate he has bonded out of jail.

11 News spoke with a homeowner who says his home security camera took a picture of the suspect just before he broke into his house.

Justin Fernandez says someone broke into his house October 23, taking jewelry and an iPad.

"Scary in the fact that someone has entered your house without your permission," said Fernandez.

Police tells 11 News that Elmore is linked to at least six home burglaries in Colorado Springs, including the one at Fernandez's home near Stetson Hills and Tutt.

According to court papers, Elmore admitted to police he broke into a house near Dublin and Peterson and stole $260 in cash. He also told police he rummaged through jewelry on a counter before walking out the front door.

A vigilant neighbor watched Elmore get into the family's backyard, and he immediately called 911. He also saw Elmore get into his silver Volkswagen Bug and drive off.

"You get to know whose car goes where and if it's someone that doesn't belong," said neighbor John Bryant.

The victims told friends and coworkers about the crime, and said to be on the lookout for that car they believed the suspect was driving.

Aaron Celaya said he spotted the car just days later on his way into work near Constitution and Peterson.

"I made the choice to follow, to keep a good distance, but to grab his plate number and then to call 911," said Celaya.

Police responded to the area, and brought the man into custody.