Police: Facebook Insult Led To Colo. Spgs. Killing

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The man accused of killing a local husband and father told police the stabbing was in self-defense after a fight that began on Facebook. .

Wednesday, May 8, 20-year-old Elton Lamar Johnson Jr. was arrested in connection with the death of Juan Carlos Lopez-Herrera the previous night.

Police say Lopez-Herrera was stabbed after he called one of Johnson's friends a derogatory name on Facebook.

According to court documents, Johnson originally went to Lopez's house "just to talk". The conversation then turned to allegations that Lopez had asked someone else for drugs and a gun - that's when Johnson said Lopez got angry.

Johnson told police that Lopez pulled a knife first, wounded him and then dropped it. He says that's when he retrieved the knife and jabbed it towards Lopez.

He told police he had to use the knife to protect himself, stating that Lopez was a black belt in martial arts.

Johnson is being held on $50,000 bail on suspicion of second-degree murder.