'Good Dog!' Police Dog Veterans Get Moment In Spotlight

From left: Tj, Cole, Gunnar, Boris (Credit: CSPD)

They nab suspects, uncover drugs and have played a significant role in solving hundreds of cases over the years in Colorado Springs.

Despite their significant contributions to the Colorado Springs Police Department, these canine crimefighters have largely worked under the radar. But Wednesday, CSPD decided to turn the spotlight on four of the K-9 unit's most seasoned veterans.

"The Colorado Springs Police Department recognizes the interest our community has in our K-9s," the police department said in a statement. "So we've decided to share some extraordinary highlights of these brave 'officers.'"

K-9 TJ recently retired from service after seven years with the police department. During his time with CSPD, he boasts some of the following achievements:

• Handled 3,435 Calls for Service
• 690 total K-9 Deployments
• 118 Narcotic related deployments
• 198 Tactical related deployments
• Located 45 suspects as a result of a K-9 Search
• Found illegal narcotics with an estimated street value of $1.2 million. TJ has successfully completed scent detection for the odors of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy and heroin.
• Recovered property with an estimated value of $67,000.

TJ retired due to age, and now lives a family pet. He's 11 years old.


K-9 Cole sadly died in August of this year after a battle with cancer. But during his time with CSPD, he had many accomplishments, including helping to bring more than 100 suspects to justice. The police department released the following stats:

• Handled 5,455 Calls for Service to include 139 Building Searches and 243 Field Searches
• Tracked 15 suspects and located 107 others to include 3 murder suspects who fled from officers.
• 66 Scent Detections
• Found 2 kilos of heroin, 4 kilos of cocaine, 1 kilo of meth, pounds of marijuana
• Recovered $75,000 in U.S. currency and over $240,000 seizure of property resulting from search warrants


K-9 Gunnar is living his golden years with his trainer and his trainer's family following surgery last year. Gunnar sustained injuries to his hind legs while chasing a wanted felon across a field, prematurely ending his career. But during his five and a half years with CSPD, he had several notable accomplishments:

• Handled 2,860 Calls for Service
• Found 25 suspects
• Responsible for 90 Felony arrests and 21 Misdemeanor arrests
• Conducted 70 Building Searches & 109 Field Searches & 47 Narcotics Searches

Prior to his injuries in 2012, Gunnar had already gone through two shoulder surgeries. He made full recoveries after both shoulder surgeries and returned to duty for three more years.


K-9 Boris, like Cole, died of cancer this year after nine years with the police department. But Boris made the most of his years of service, locating dozens of suspects and even finishing second in his region's United States Police Canine Association Trials. The police department lists the following as some of Boris' most notable moments:

• 591 total K-9 deployments
• 207 total tactical related deployments.
• Located 47 suspects as a result of a K-9 search