Police Dog Nabs Wanted Man

A wanted man is now behind bars thanks to a police K-9.

According to Springs police, just before 1 a.m. Wednesday a CSPD K-9 unit was called to assist the El Paso County Sheriff's Office on apprehending a felony drug suspect who was refusing to surrender. Suspect Marshall Tresslar was believed to be inside an apartment on the 4600 block of Hinsdale Way near Austin Bluffs and Barnes.

Over and over, authorities called for the suspect to come outside. No answer.

When deputies and the K-9 unit finally entered the home, the police dog alerted them to the couch. Police say authorities gave Tresslar another chance to turn himself in, ordering him once again to come out. When there was no response, deputies pulled the couch away from the wall. At first, there was no sign of the suspect. But once the couch was overturned so that the bottom was exposed, the police dog immediately found the suspect hiding inside the couch.

Once he had his man, police say the dog was able to get the suspect out of the couch. Tresslar was taken to the hospital for injuries sustained from contact with the police dog, then booked into the CJC.