Police Cracking Down On Drivers At Busy Intersections

We’ve all seen some crazy things on the roads. Now officers are stepping up patrol in order to stop reckless driving and prevent accidents.

"We've almost been hit a couple times where you are out in this intersection and ready to turn and all the sudden somebody just flies through,” said driver Chris Schwartz.

It’s that kind of reckless driving police hope to stop. Get ready to see more officers at busy intersections.

"I'm glad they got somebody here now that's watching because many times I had to get behind the bench thinking I might get hit,” said a local resident.

Officers will be cracking down on drivers and making sure we wall pay attention to the roads and traffic signals.

The goal is an attempt to reduce preventable accident.

Most drivers we talked to say that having more officers cracking down on drivers at intersections will help keep our roads safer.

“It will make people more aware of what they're doing and probably bring down the accident ratio by quite a bit,” said driver Curtis Hanlon.

“It definitely might teach them to drive a little bit better, like they should be driving anyways,” said driver Kelsi Cole.

Colorado Springs Police say running red lights, and approaching a left turn before it’s safe, are responsible for causing the most crashes.

Some think that police being more visible alone will help stop bad habits.

“When you see cops you get a little nervous so you slow down or you start watching a little better,” said Chris Schwartz.

Others drivers we talked to are split on whether or not this will help.

"It doesn't matter, they'll still go through the lights and whatever else to make an accident,” said a local resident.

Also while on the roads, cops will be watching and studying traffic patterns and could even recommend possible safety changes to the city.

“They are gonna be studying the habits of drivers as well to give them more information to see if they may have to ask the city to put in maybe a cross walk or if there are other things they can do if it’s an unsafe intersection,” said CSPD Spokeswoman Barbara Miller.

Police will also be on the lookout for distracted drivers and speeders.