Pedestrian Cited For Running Into Roadway In Pueblo

A Pueblo man is in the hospital Wednesday after police say he was hit by a car at the intersection of Thatcher and Linda Vista.

Police say Jacob Trujillo, 31, ran into traffic and was hit by a passing car that was traveling westbound on Thatcher around 8 a.m. The driver of the car made an attempt to avoid the collision, but witnesses reported that Trujillo intentionally ran in to the car's path.

Trujillo was transported to Parkview Hospital, where he is being treated for minor injuries. He was cited for "pedestrian suddenly walked/ ran into roadway."

Speed was not a factor in the incident, and police report that the driver is not suspected of DUI. Drugs, however, are believed to be a factor with the pedestrian.

“With the recent number of auto-pedestrian accidents, we would like to remind motorists to drive defensively and be aware of the possibility of pedestrians suddenly walking into traffic," said Sergeant Chris Noeller.