Police Canine Helps Nab Suspect

Credit: Colorado Springs Police K-9 Unit Facebook Page

Police say one of their canine crimefighters helped bring a suspect into custody after the suspect tried to run away from officers.

CSPD K-9 Officer Bauer spotted a stolen car just before 1:30 Wednesday morning near Astrozon and South Academy, and began following it. Police say he was waiting for backup officers to arrive so he could make a traffic stop. As the officer tailed the vehicle, he says the driver abruptly stopped, jumped out and tried to make a run for it.

Bauer says he ordered the suspect to stop running, or else he would release his police dog. The suspect reportedly refused to obey the officer, so Bauer released K-9 Rico. Rico caught the suspect, who was then taken into custody. Police say the suspect was transported to an area hospital to treat injuries sustained during his encounter with Rico.