Police Say 7-Eleven Robbery Was Faked

It's a new twist on the all-too-common convenience store robbery.

Colorado Springs police responded to yet another of those robberies late Sunday night, at the 7-Eleven at Briargate and Union--but this time, they think the robbery may have been faked.

According to responding officers, the clerk told police a man entered just before midnight and approached the counter, demanding cash. After handing money over, the employee told police, the crook shoved him to the ground and knocked him unconscious.

But when the alleged victim was taken to the hospital, medical staff were unable to find any injuries. The investigation began raising questions; police say the clerk's story was not matching any of the evidence that officers were uncovering.

After interrogating the employee, police determined that he was the one who committed the theft, and not a random suspect. Officers tell 11 News the employee took $4,700 in gift cards and cash, then crafted the fake report to draw attention away from himself.

The employee, identified as 19-year-old Tyler Klein, has been charged with theft and false reporting to authorities.