Police: Attempted Abduction A Bad Prank

Parents in Florence had been on high alert after the attempted abduction of two middle school boys.

Now police say that abduction attempt was all a bad joke.

A couple had approached the kids on April 18 near Fremont Middle School and asked if they wanted a ride, offering to show them a puppy in the car. The boys ran home and reported the incident. Police put out a suspect and suspect vehicle description.

On April 26, authorities received a Crime Stoppers tip about one of the suspects. Police tracked down a high school student, who admitted that the whole thing was meant to be a prank. The student acknowledged that he knew it was wrong after the fact.

Police say they believed the teen's story and do not suspect criminal intent on his part. Police are letting the Fremont Re-2 School District decide what a suitable punishment for the prank should be.