Poisoned Meatballs Left At Colo. Dog Park

Six meatballs (pictured) were found at a dog park north of Boulder.

Anxious pet parents are steering clear of one Colorado dog park after the news broke that someone left poisoned meatballs where dogs can find them.

Six meatballs were found Monday at a park in Gunbarrel, which is north of Boulder.

A team of Colorado State University researchers is trying to determine exactly what toxin the meatballs contain. They speculate the meatballs are mixed with rat poison, but are still working to know for sure.

At least one dog, 6-month-old Amos, has eaten a meatball. The Golden Retriever's owner is waiting anxiously to see how the pup responds. It can take two to three days before symptoms emerge.

"You don't do this if you're mad," Brandon Weil said. "You tell somebody why you're mad, you don't just poison animals. You just don't do that."

Weil told sister station KCNC that Amos is a cheerful puppy who loves everyone he comes across.

"He just wants to be everybody's friend," Weil said.

Weil spent a night getting Amos emergency treatment after discovering Amos ate a poisoned meatball. He has been taking Amos to the vet every 12 hours since for blood tests.